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                                                                                        Feature Summary

Our carrier-grade PortaOne network offers hundreds of features!  With our network you can sell private label voip services to business and residential customers, SIP trunking, pinless dialing, audio conferencing as well as all the applications that are in demand today.

1. Class 5 features include; voicemail, voicemail to email, fax to email, email to fax, auto attendants (unlimited levels), hunt groups, call waiting, call queues, dial by name directory, multiple ways to forward calls, eight ways to answer calls, follow me to up to 10 numbers either by list, randomly or simultaneously, extension dialing, music on hold, transitional announcements, call park, group pick up, customizable dialing rules (7 or 11 digits), call barring, call blocking, call recording, CALEA, E911, busy lamp field, presence, phone paging/intercom and multiple methods to control call routing.  Then there's our fraud protection suite. Whew, you get the idea.  We got features.

2. Fully branded end user portals set up in hours, not days or weeks. This includes how to establish and secure your domains. SSL certificate cost is extra. Optional end user portal customization possible using our AJAX API.

3. Immediate set up and account provisioning. You can set up and activate service in minutes. We show you how to set up customers and program all users in real time. Also includes our exclusive auto provisioning for many leading IP phones and ATA's. Optional SOAP API enable you to automate customer set up and provisioning.
4. Billing and merchant integration. Use prepaid, postpaid and vouchers. Send invoices to customers with your logo attached. Collect payment using your merchant interface and use our softswitch to program the frequency of payments and amount of payments. PayPal integration is available, too.

5. All the carrier services you require, including On Demand DID, A-Z termination, 411, Directory Listing, CLI, CNAM, CALEA and E911.

6. Live US-based support. Our resellers prefer to speak to somebody when they need help and that's exactly what we do. Our support is available 7 days a week. When's the last time somebody was around to help you on the weekend? 

7. Our network has no limits on scalability.

8. Reliabiity. We will guarantee 99.99% availability on our softswitch every month. 

Call us today at 1-844-844-8647 to learn more about becoming a voip reseller.

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