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                                Why Use VoIPConsultants.biz LLC?

VoIPConsultants.biz, LLC is a US-based company that provides private label or white label voip (voice over IP) services using our carrier grade PortaOne network. Whether you are a start up or an existing provider looking to improve the level of service you receive or reduce your operating costs without signing your life away to do it, we are the company you want to do business with. Sign up and get your network set-up for FREE!

We offer the following reasons for you to choose us as your hosted private label voip carrier

1. A US-based company that has been in business since 2006 and specializes in wholesale, branded VoIP services. This is all we have done since 2009. 10 years in the business!

2. A reliable, carrier grade network (99.99%+ uptime) that offers a multitude of services you can sell. 

3. Hundreds of PBX features.  

4. Being able to reach LIVE support whenever you need help. 
    -That 's right, someone answers the phone when you call.  

5. Unlimited LIVE training
    -It takes time to learn everything and we understand that. 

6. One stop shop for all carrier services
    -Origination services in over 12000 rate centers in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and many countries
    -A-Z termination
    -E911, CNAM, 411, Directory Listing

7. Ability for your to process credit card payments and invoices with your merchant vendor or PayPal.

8. Easy to do business with
    -No minimum usage requirements and no lengthy contracts

9. No limits to the number of customers you can add.  

10. We don't nickel and dime you to death by charging for every little feature or selling you an unlimited user license. Quite frankly, unlimited user licenses are a rip-off and waste of your money. Our low rates will enable you to make money selling service at prices you set, not us. YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU USE, NO MORE, NO LESS.

We offer the following reasons NOT to buy your own switch

2. You have to pay to host it, manage server(s), etc.
3. You have to worry about managing carriers.
4. You have to pay for upgrades or additional modules.
5. You have to pay for support. 

Our value proposition-

We have everything you need to be a private label phone company and OUR NETWORK HAS BEEN IN PRODUCTION FOR OVER 10 YEARS!. There are many new entrants into the market touting their services or years of experience. While they talk about providing you with service, we have been providing services. WHY TAKE A CHANCE ON USING SOMEONE ELSE WHO HAS LESS EXPERIENCE, charges high minimums or operates a new network that's not fully debugged? We aren't the biggest company but we certainly understand what it takes to operate a reliable network. W
hen you take the time to get to know us you will know why we are the best option for you.  
We have provided services to 70+ resellers and add more every month. Don't wait any longer! Start a profitable new business as a private label voip reseller and join our growing number of resellers to compete in one of the fastest growing markets in the US. Give us a call and learn more about private label voip and what we can do for you!

Call us today at 1-844-844-8647 or email us at



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