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                            Welcome to VoIPConsultants.biz, LLC 
                                                  A leading provider of wholesale, private label VoIP services.

Based in the United States, we provide branded VoIP (voice over IP) services for resellers that want to sell

VoIP to their own customers. Our networks allow you to sell Hosted PBX to business and residential customers,
SIP trunking, Pin-less calling, and A-Z termination to name a few. We can provide about any type of VoIP service

you wish to sell.  

Our network is based upon the proven technology of PortaOne and has been in production for years. We have

integrated many leading VoIP carriers like Level 3, Verizon and others to provide the highest quality that you and

your customers would expect to receive. We are one of, if not the only, PortaOne network operators that can

offer you unlimited capacity, so whether you have 10 customers or 10,000, we can handle it.  

We have provided services to 70+ resellers and continue adding more under our VoIP private label program

every month!

Want to learn more?

Give us a call to discuss our low pricing model and take advantage of our 'no set up fee' promotion. We have

no minimums or lengthy contracts. Our resellers are amazed at how low their operating

costs are when you consider the high quality vendors we use in our network.  So whether you are starting a VoIP

business or are an agent looking to make more money, call us to learn how much you can earn with

VoIPConsultants.biz LLC.

Call us today at 1-844-844-VOIP (8647) and start making money!   



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