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We provide everything you need to be an Internet Telephone company. 

Welcome To VoIPConsultants.biz LLC


Private Label Services for Resellers

Welcome to VoIPConsultants.biz LLC. We are celebrating our 10th year of providing private label Voice Over IP services to our VoIP resellers. 


Reliable Platform

We operate multiple networks. At the core we use the proven technology of PortaOne based on a fully redundant design. Our networks have no limitations to the number of customers our VoIP Resellers can add and routinely achieve 99.999% uptime each month. Other vendors include Level 3 Communications, arguably the most reliable vendor for DID services. Termination services are based on Tier 1 providers. 


Easy To Do Business With

Since the day we began operations, we have never charged a minimum fee, or asked for lengthy contracts. Instead, we earn our VoIP resellers business each and every day by providing quality service, great support, and very competitive pricing.